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Family Weekends. Friendcations. Workcations. Glamping Trips. Team Events. Leadership Offsites. You can do it all at this enchanting place we call home.

Nestled on the outskirts of Mumbai, in the heart of Gundale village, Shivom is an enchanting forest farm, cradled between rolling hills to the west and the gentle embrace of the Surya River to the east. A short stay in our little parcel of paradise rejuvenates you enough to survive the next dive back into urban chaos. Or inspiration to rediscover a life lived slowly, intentionally, and joyously.

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Live the slow life

Banyan Tree, our Farmstead is named for the 200-year-old Banyan tree on Shivom Organic Farms. It has a large living area and three large bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, a shaded patio, a pool, a tennis and basketball court, a river deck and a lush green lawn for picnics, parties and evening gatherings. Our farmhouse can accommodate (max) 12 for overnight stays and (max) 30 for day trips.

Meet our nurturer-in-chief

Farmer. Mother. Grandmother.

Rita Manaktala grew up surrounded by the lush orange groves of her family's farm in Nagpur and longed to give her children and grandchildren the same experience in nature. In 2005 she and her husband bought the farm from a Parsi family and nurtured it into a little sanctuary away from the pressures of everyday life. In 2015, they reoriented it into an organic food forest with environmentally sustainable practices like permaculture to conserve the land.